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Rotogrip Attention Black Pearl

Rotogrip Attention Black Pearl
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 Schale:  Hyper-Response™ Pearl Reactive
 Flare Potential:
  73 - 75 rex
 Ball Finish:  1500 Grit Polished
 #15: RG: 2.50 #15: Diff: 0.053

The NEW Momentous™ Core provides an entirely new philosophy for asymmetrical core motion for Roto Grip. By using new core density formulas the asymmetric imbalance now provides more downlane motion as well as more motion through the pins.

The Hyper-Response™ Pearl Reactive was designed to be the strongest of the strong. It's hyper, it's responsive, and it'll live up to its name in spades.

The concept behind this ball was to develop an asymmetrical ball that has increased performance at the breakpoint and through the pins on a variety of conditions. After months and months of testing, we found the ideal balance of core shape and solid coverstock that will cause your opponent and everyone watching to PAY FULL ATTENTION to YOUR SCORES!


Rotogrip Attention Black Pearl

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