Storm Code Master

Storm Code Master
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Schale: NeX™ Pearl Reactive
Gewichtsblock: RAD4™ Core
Farbe: Obsidian / Sapphire / Orchid
 1500-grit Polished
Bahnenverhältnis: mittlere bis starke Ölung
Flare Potential:
 Apple Crisp
RG 15# : 2.50 Diff. 15# 0.058

Some bowling balls sink their teeth into the lane immediately in order to provide traction in oil. Others glide through the front part of the lane with ease, saving all of their energy for an explosive backend reaction. But what happens when you have a ball that’s capable of offering both? Well, at Storm, we wanted to find out, and that’s how we came up with the Code Master, a ball that’s so good, it’s almost cheating!

The engineering may be complicated, but the simple truth of the Code Master is as confidence inspiring as anything else we’ve built to date. Dynamic cores and potent covers build a solid foundation – one enhanced by industry-leading longevity. A superior factory finish signifies its place atop the pecking order. Imposing. Purposeful. This is the kind of ball you look up to. Every aspect of a ball must serve a purpose. So, while the Code Master colors are unmistakable, they’re not simply a matter of allure. Deep within its DNA is a blueprint for tenacity that’s invisible to the naked eye yet evident on the lanes. NeX Pearl enhances every facet of your game. This advanced structural formula distributes power to the right place at the right time to provide reliable transitions and superior control. Think Nano™, but to the extreme. Midlane read and impressive backend come in spades with this chemistry. Never has a pearlized ball been able to dig in deep like the Code Master. With a Storm ball in your hands, you’ll want for nothing else.

Storm Code Master

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