Storm Super Nova

Storm Super Nova
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Schale: N2X Solid Reactive
Gewichtsblock: Ignition Light Weight Core
Farbe:  Hot Pink/Lime/Jet Black
 2000 grit Abralon
Durometer: 73-75 Rex D-Scale
Flare Potential:
 Fruit Pop
RG 15# : 2.49 Diff. 15# 0.052


Performance happens when bowler and ball work together as one. When the ball becomes an extension of the bowler’s will. That’s performance we measure not on a scoreboard, but in our hearts..

The Super Nova is extraordinary by design. Showcasing the new and dynamically intense Ignition Core, the Super Nova features a tour-inspired design that enables better versatility on a wider array of oil patterns. Weight blocks like the Ignition Core rev up fast and finish strong with a more aggressive movement down lane. Need some extra oomph? Then look no further. The Ignition Core pumps out more than 6” of loaded flare potential! That’s more than enough differential to amp your adrenaline levels.

Since surface plays such a pivotal role in ball reaction, we knew that we had to select just the right coverstock and finish in order to make the Super Nova live up to its billing. That’s why we selected NeX Solid Reactive for this big-hooking beast. NeX has met and exceeded all our expectations in the lab and on the lanes, combining the robust midlane read you’d expect from a heavy oil ball while maintaining the strong entry angle needed to maximize pin carry. The NeX on the Super Nova will come in a 2000-grit box finish and with an eye-catching lime, azure, and black color scheme that will look good on the rack, in your bag, and on the lanes.

Storm Super Nova

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