Motiv Hyper Venom

Motiv Hyper Venom
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 Gear™ Symmetrical
 Farbe: Hot Pink Pearl
 Schale: Propulsion™ MXR Pearl Reactive
 Oberfläche: 5500 Grit LSP
 Bahnverhältnisse: Leichtes bis mäßiges Öl
 #15 RG: 2.48 #15 DIF: 0.034


  • Speed Dominant Bowlers -  For bowlers who throw the ball hard and/or have lower rev rates, the Hyper Venom is valuable due to its unique combination of core and coverstock.  Many speed dominant bowlers have difficulty using higher RG pearl balls because they struggle to get their ball to hook early enough even in friction.  The fast-spinning Gear core helps in these situations while still having a low enough differential to deal with higher friction environments. 
  • Balanced - The Venom line is a staple in the sport of bowling for balanced bowlers because it is so reliable on moderate oil conditions.  The Hyper Venom gives bowlers a clear and simple step down from their Venom Shock when it is just a bit too smooth in transition or too early on the lane.  Keeping the same core in your hand and simply switching to a cleaner and faster responding coverstock is a great solution to transition in league or tournament play.
  • Rev Dominant - For bowlers whose rev rate outmatches their ball speed, the Hyper Venom will be a great ball for league night on moderate to high friction house shots and moderate length tournament patterns when making the move to steeper angles.
Motiv Hyper Venom
Motiv Hyper Venom

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